The San Diego Bike Share Program

The Liberty Station Conference Center is excited to announce their participation in the San Diego Bike Share Program, a coordinated city-wide effort to provide access to bicycle transportation at a low cost. The Liberty Station Community was one of the first areas of the city selected to host bike sharing stations, and one of the three stations will be located directly behind the LSCC, between our building and the neighboring business Massage Envy Spa. The program is scheduled to launch this summer.

The San Diego Bike Share Program is a joint venture between the City of San Diego and DecoBike, with the goal of promoting the use of bicycles within the local community. Bicycle use is a health and environmentally-conscious mode of transportation that helps reduce parking and traffic congestion around the city, and also helps create direct connections between local businesses, attractions, recreational sites, and public transportation options. The program will be available to both local residents and visiting tourists.

Here is an image of the proposed location for the bike station adjacent to the LSCC:

proposed site.JPG

As well as the distinctive bike racks proposed for the sharing stations:

Proposed bike rack for the San Diego                        Bike Share Program.

The other two sharing stations at Liberty Station will located at the nearby Hilton Homewood Suites and next to the USS Recruit (TDE 1). We will be featuring more information on this blog as the bike sharing program develops and the sharing stations here at Liberty Station become available for use. For more information regarding the program as well as other locations throughout the San Diego area visit the Information Page provided by the City of San Diego, as well as their FAQ site.